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What Is Chromatography Used For?

Chromatography is one of the most well-known laboratory techniques, which allows individuals to separate substances for the sake of analyzing the contents. However, beyond just separating different colors in a vial, it is a trusted and reliable technique that has applications across countless industries — but what can chromatography be used for exactly? To learn more about what chromatography is used for, let’s examine three essential uses that affect our daily lives.

Medicine and Vaccines

The pharmaceutical industry uses chromatography in many ways to ensure the medicine they manufacture is safe and effective. For example, chemists can utilize chromatography to test various chemicals and complex mixtures for unwanted impurities. Given how essential it is for medicine to remain pure for the health of those who take them, chromatography plays a vital role in maintaining quality.

However, if you’re curious about what chromatography is used for in the pharmaceutical industry, that is far from the only answer. It is also used to determine which antibodies are best at fighting against a particular disease, making it an integral technique in the development of life-saving vaccinations.

Law Enforcement

What can chromatography be used for in law enforcement? It has many applications — some of which you may already be familiar with from crime shows on television. Chromatography techniques assist with crime scene investigations, allowing individuals to analyze samples of blood, hair, and even cloth. Additionally, this separation method also helps investigators test bloodstreams for the presence of drugs, alcohol, and even poison.

Of course, what chromatography is used for in this field is not limited to murder cases. Professional sports leagues have also taken advantage of the technique to test the blood of athletes for performance-enhancing substances during drug testing. Further, one can use chromatography to identify the cause of a fire and determine whether it was an accident or an arson incident.

Food Industries

Similar to what chromatography is used for in pharmaceutical applications, the food manufacturing industry also utilizes the technique to detect abnormalities. In this case, it helps identify any spoilage that may have transpired to ensure that it’s safe for consumption. Others have implemented chromatography into their operations to examine the nutritional quality of food. 

In addition, chromatography plays many other roles in food testing as well. This useful separation technique is also utilized to determine the quantities of certain ingredients, such as sugar, so that manufacturers can maintain consistency for the products they sell to customers. Thanks to developments made in chromatography, you can have confidence that your favorite beverages taste the same and are free of unwanted contaminants.

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