High-Quality Laboratory Glassware for Research and Development Applications

With over a half-century of experience glassblowing high-quality products, At-Mar Glass is a leading manufacturer of laboratory glassware to the country’s most esteemed research and development facilities. All of our products meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of laboratory settings and provide a multitude of benefits for use in research settings.

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At-Mar Glass is your source for unparalleled quality in laboratory glassware. All of our products can be requested to come with a safety coating applied to the glass, which is chemical resistant and can help reduce the chances of injury and chemical spills. Safety coatings are only added by customer request, and you are welcome to contact us at any time for specific product requirements your facility may have for laboratory glassware. Our company produces a wide range of laboratory glassware products to use with biology, life science, and all scientific equipment, including:

  • Biochemistry glassware
  • Chemistry glassware
  • Environmental glassware
  • Pharmaceutical glassware
  • Lab glassware
  • Research glassware
  • Scientific glassware
  • Temperature-resistant glassware
  • Hard glass
  • Soft glass

Pharmaceutical Glassware Suitable for All Laboratory and Scientific Equipment

When searching for pharmaceutical glassware to use with your laboratory equipment, the highest standards must be followed when acquiring your lab supplies. Borosilicate glassware is essential to most pharmaceutical-related laboratories. Naturally transparent and able to withstand high temperatures and thermal shock, borosilicate glassware is a mainstay in research facilities nationwide. At-Mar Glass specializes in borosilicate glass products to provide our customers with superior quality biochemistry glassware for their applications. Our pharmaceutical glass products, including hard and soft glass, are tested for durability and inert capabilities to ensure exceptional attributes in a pharmaceutical laboratory setting.

Research Glassware for Use With Laboratory Equipment

Research departments have particular requirements that must be met for all laboratory and experiment supplies. Research and development glass equipment must meet specific criteria in order to be viable for any experiment. Chemistry glassware must be made to exacting requirements in order to avoid contamination of the substances being used in an experiment. Glass must also be safety-coated in some circumstances to protect the user from injury and the potential for chemical spills. If your lab requires safety-coated glassware for use in a research setting, contact At-Mar Glass for biochemistry glassware and lab supplies to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Scientific Glassware for Use With Laboratory Instruments

Life science and wet chemistry equipment both necessitate the use of high-quality scientific glassware for study and experimentation. Laboratory glassware must be made within the precise parameters necessary for any type of scientific study. If your facility requires high-quality lab glassware for use in research and development, trust the glassware professionals at At-Mar Glass for outstanding quality and superior customer service.

At-Mar Glass: The Scientific Community’s Source for Glass Experiment and Lab Supplies

For over 50 years, At-Mar Glass has been a leading supplier of glassware products to laboratories and research facilities across the globe. From safety-coated glass and temperature-resistant glassware to custom-made laboratory glassware to fit your specific application. We offer a wide range of laboratory glassware products that include:

Contact us today and discover why laboratories and research facilities choose At-Mar Glass for all their glassware needs.