Glassware Repair

At At-Mar, we’re equipped to handle repairs for a wide variety of glass products. To better service your repair needs, we’ve established a few simple procedures that will guarantee the process goes smoothly.

Upon receipt of your glassware, At-Mar will estimate repair costs and notify you of any pieces that are beyond repair. Extensive care will be taken to handle all repair work in a way that will `reduce the chance of any additional damage. However, we cannot accept responsibility for further damage to or destruction of any glassware returned for repair.

Prior to sending your broken glassware for repairs, make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and free of contamination.


Should merchandise be received damaged in any way:

  1. Stop unpacking and notify the delivering carrier immediately. You must retain the goods and the packing material, including cartons, at the point of delivery to allow the carrier to inspect the damage. You only have two weeks to request an inspection.
  2. Notify At-Mar promptly. Arrangements then can be made for replacement if necessary.

Repairing Broken Glass Is Cost-Effective

Given how getting laboratory glassware replaced is expensive, it is worth repairing whenever possible. In some cases, fixing broken glass equipment can even cost less than shipping it back to you. Not only will we help you save money, but we’ll ensure your glass is cleaned and looks as good as new.

Additionally, the At-Mar professionals know how to work with many different types of glass and have decades of experience repairing a wide range of problems — from cracked edges to significant chips and scratches,broken joints on multi neck flasks stopcocks on vacuum manifolds,so ask us first before discarding your damaged glassware. No matter the type or shape of your damaged glassware, we’ll restore it to its original condition.

You Can Trust At-Mar Glass for All Your Repair Needs

Years of Experience

We’re experts you can have confidence in. At-Mar is home to glass repair professionals who have been working together since 1982 and have established long-lasting relationships with many customers. University science labs, pharmaceutical facilities, and clients across countless other industries depend on our company for repairs and other services.

No Outsourcing

Unlike other companies that outsource work, At-Mar does all repairs in-house at our Kennett Square location. We own high-end glass-blowing equipment, specialized ovens that can reach 600 degrees Celsius and higher, and other technology that makes timely repairs possible. Additionally, because we don’t outsource work, you can have confidence that your expensive glassware is in capable hands.

We Ship Around the World

At-Mar Glass is proud to support clients internationally with all their glass repair needs. From the local Chester County area to customers in Alaska and abroad, we’ll be there to support you.

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Schedule Repairs for Your Laboratory Glassware Today

Rather than replace your broken beakers and flasks, send your broken glassware to At-Mar Glass for timely and cost-effective repairs. If you have any questions about our repair services or our pricing and terms, reach out today.