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High-Quality Lab Funnels to Meet Your Needs

Lab funnels are an essential component of any research facility or laboratory. Used in multiple applications, the ability to utilize a high-quality addition, separatory, or fritted funnel is critical to most laboratory experiments. At-Mar Glass is proud to provide high-quality lab funnels for research and development teams and laboratory staff. For over a half-century, we have striven to offer unparalleled glass products to help with any applications a facility may have.

In addition to funnels, we also manufacture a wide range of other products well-suited for laboratory settings. 

These glassware products include:


Contact us today for custom glassware as well. You can also request safety-coating for all of our glassware pieces which helps protect from injury and is chemically resistant.

Addition Funnels

Addition funnels play a critical role in all laboratory settings. At-Mar Glass offers a variety of addition funnels to meet your research requirements. Our addition graduated lab funnels come equipped with an equalizing arm and can include one or two PTFE stopcocks. Available in multiple sizes and designed for ease of use, our selection of addition funnels is sure to meet the complex needs of your lab.

Separatory Funnels

The use of separatory funnels is essential to any functioning research facility. They play a critical role in liquid-liquid extractions, making separation possible. All of our separatory lab funnels are made from high-quality borosilicate glass and come with a multitude of options designed to maximize the user’s ability to facilitate the needed separation.

Fritted Funnels

Fritted lab funnels utilized for vacuum filtration are another tool needed by laboratory professionals to successfully perform their research. More convenient than filtered Buchner funnels, our fritted funnels provide superior filtration and are designed to work seamlessly with your facility processes.

At-Mar Glass: Your Source For High-Quality Laboratory-Grade Funnels

When your laboratory needs lab funnels for research, examination, and experimentation purposes, choose At-Mar Glass as your premier source of laboratory glassware. We can also accommodate custom requirements and provide a variety of options for our available glassware.

Contact us today to learn more about At-Mar Glass or to place an order! We offer free shipping on orders over $500.00.