Lab Glass Augmentation and Modification

In addition to creating durable glassware that can withstand harsh conditions, At-Mar Glass can also modify your existing equipment. The alterations we make maintain the same low thermal expansion and thermal shock resilient properties of the rest of your lab glass, meaning that they’ll look and perform exactly as they should.

To learn about our modification options and how we can help you maintain your research integrity, safety, and important processes, reach out to our team today.

Lab Glass Modification Services

We’ll Make Your Glassware Better Match Your Needs

Our modification services can upgrade existing equipment into one-of-a-kind customized glassware. Through specialized alterations, you can ensure that your glassware perfectly suits the particular demands of your unique project.

By using advanced techniques that have been honed by decades of experience and new technologies, At-Mar Glass is capable of making a wide range of modifications. From increasing the size of valves to adding a new neck, there are countless ways we can alter your glassware to better match your unique needs.

No Need for Replacements

Rather than discard or sell a piece of glassware that no longer meets your needs, At-Mar Glass can alter your current lab instrument. The cost to modify your existing glassware is often far less than purchasing entirely new equipment, making it an effective way of saving money in the long run.

Why At-Mar Glass?

At-Mar Glass Works With All Industries

We assist customers across various industries with their modification needs. At-Mar Glass supports science labs at local universities, as well as pharmaceutical and environmental organizations and agencies in need of glassware augmentation. Further, we’ve fostered long-lasting relationships with high-profile clientele in the pharmaceutical and environmental industries. — no matter what industry you’re in — we look forward to entering a partnership with you as well.

We Offer Modifications for Customers Worldwide

While our glassware is made in the United States, we support the modification demands of customers around the country and internationally. Regardless of where you’re based, you can count on At-Mar Glass for a quick response and quality borosilicate glass products.

Your Glassware Will Be in Capable Hands

When you send your valuable and expensive laboratory ware to At-Mar Glass, you’re placing it in the hands of industry experts. All of our modifications and other glassware services are managed in-house at our Kennett Square facility an hour outside of Philadelphia, meaning that we never need to outsource work like major manufacturers and other businesses. As such, the only people handling your equipment will be our experienced glass-blowing specialists.

We Also Offer

Start Planning Your Glassware Modification Today

If you need specific modifications to your existing glassware or are in need of high-quality custom laboratory glassware, call At-Mar Glass today. We’ll answer any questions you may have regarding the technology we utilize in our processes and the borosilicate and other materials we use to create new products and improve existing glassware.