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Professional-Grade Glass Vacuum Tubes

Glass vacuum tubes are essential during the distillation process. They provide a vacuum in which certain chemical and organic processes can be reproduced and studied. As standard distillation apparatuses in most laboratories and research facilities, glass vacuum tubes are needed in many applications and research initiatives.

At-Mar Glass is a leading manufacturer and supplier of glass vacuum tubes and other glassware laboratory equipment. For over half a century, we have supplied some of the finest labs and research departments worldwide with glass vacuum tubes and other vital extraction glassware used in experimentation. We also offer custom-made glass equipment upon request and can apply safety coatings to most of our products. Our safety coating provides additional protection against staff injury and is chemically resistant to prevent contamination.

Some of our other glassware products include:

Vacuum Manifolds

Our glass vacuum tubes are compatible with most vacuum manifolds allowing the processing of multiple samples at the same time. Each glass vacuum tube can also be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning and storage. As with all of our glassware products, our glass vacuum tubes are constructed of borosilicate glass to reduce contamination during work processes.

If your facility is looking for distillation apparatuses like glass vacuum tubes that can be used in manifolds for simultaneous sample processing, contact At-Mar Glass. We can also custom-build your request when provided prints or drawings of your specific requirements.

Laboratory and Stack Sampling Apparatus

Glass vacuum tubes and the accompanying laboratory apparatuses are necessary tools for both experimental and investigative research. When your laboratory or research facility requires high-quality glass vacuum tubes for daily work processes and adaptability to stack sampling apparatuses, contact the experts in glassware at At-Mar Glass.

Vacuum Glass Tubes and Professional Extraction Glassware for Laboratory Use

We also build specialized apparatus for customers when provided with detailed drawings or prints of the request. All of our glassware, including glass vacuum tubes, can be purchased with safety coatings as well. This coating reduces the chances of staff injury and is chemically resistant to minimize contamination during use. Contact At-Mar Glass today for more information about our complete product offerings or to place your order. Free shipping is available on orders over $500.00.