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Professional-Grade Glass Chromatography Columns For Lab Use

When separating chemical compounds, researchers need to know they are equipped with premium glass chromatography columns — glassware that is unparalleled in quality and able to meet chemical resistance standards ensuring precise measurements and crystal-clear observations in the lab. At-Mar Glass is a premier manufacturer and supplier of glass chromatography columns for use in laboratories and research facilities. For over 50 years, we’ve striven to offer the scientific and research communities with high-grade glassware. From flash chromatography columns to all of our first-rate borosilicate glassware, At-Mar Glass promises superior quality and excellent customer service.

Our complete catalog of glass products also includes:

Gas Chromatography Columns

Glass chromatography columns have been used since nearly the beginning of chromatography. Having the necessary equipment for separation processes is essential to obtaining accurate measurements. Our gas chromatography columns are available in a variety of formats so that your staff can effectively and efficiently track their research.

Liquid Chromatography Columns

As gas chromatography research progressed, the use of liquid chromatography columns became widespread. In a liquid column, components of the mobile liquid phase interact with the solid state, creating a resin. This resin can then be further studied for proteins and other subsequent materials.

At-Mar Glass provides borosilicate glass chromatography columns specifically for research. Our premium columns come equipped with a variety of formats, including PTFE stopcocks and T/S joints.

At-Mar Glass: Pioneers in Laboratory-Grade Glassware

Flash chromatography columns and related components are currently available, as well as a wide selection of other glassware. All glass chromatography columns are manufactured and shipped with the utmost care, ensuring your organization receives its equipment in perfect condition. Our design department can also custom-build specific apparatuses for your facility when provided with detailed prints and information. All of our glassware products can be safety-coated for staff protection. Coatings are chemically resistant to prevent contamination during use.

If your laboratory or research facility is looking for a highly-rated source for quality glassware, contact At-Mar Glass. Our team is available to assist in all of your requests. Ask now about free shipping for orders over $500.00.