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Laboratory-Grade Glass Lab Tubes

Glass lab tubes are an essential part of all laboratories and research facilities. From pressure tubes to gas sampling tubes, they are constantly needed to perform even the most basic experimentation processes. If your organization currently utilizes a lab or research area, a readily available supply of well-made glass lab tubes is necessary to maintain workflow.

At-Mar Glass has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory-grade glass and threaded tubes for over half a century. With a large production capacity and the ability to deliver high-quality glassware products, it’s no wonder that labs and research departments use At-Mar Glass as their source for glass lab tubes and other laboratory equipment.

We also have custom-build capabilities upon request and can also provide superior safety coatings on all our glass products. Glass lab tubes can be overlaid with a chemically resistant coating that also reduces the chances of injury during experimentation processes. Some of our other glassware products are:

Pressure Tubes

Pressure tubes are durable glass lab tubes that can withstand higher pressures than standard tubes. Being hermetically sealed, contents can be observed during the mixing process, and higher-than-normal pressure reactions can be studied.

All of our pressure glass lab tubes are manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring the safety of staff during laboratory work. You can find our glass tubes available in various sizes to accommodate different internal capacities. Corresponding PTFE plugs equipped with o-ring seals are also available for our threaded tubes.

Gas Sampling Tubes

Gas sampling tubes are a necessary tool when dealing with gas. They are designed to collect and store various gases, which can then be studied for different hydrological, thermal, and chemical properties. All of our gas sampling tubes are made to the highest standards and come in various sizes to accommodate the requirements of a lab or research facility. Our glass lab tubes for gas sampling come equipped with PTFE stopcocks and SSV septums, ensuring accuracy and safety for your staff.

At-Mar Glass: Glassware Solutions For Laboratories and Research Centers

When your organization requires high-quality glass lab tubes for use in experimentation and research purposes, look no further than the experts in glass design and manufacturing at At-Mar Glass. With over 50 years of experience, our company can provide your laboratory with unparalleled quality and excellent customer service. Contact us today to learn more about product availability or to place an order. We offer free shipping on orders over $500.00.