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Premium Glass Adapters Now Available for Laboratories and Research Departments

When dealing with the complexities of chemicals, organic compounds, and other liquid substances used in the lab, a high-quality glass joint adapter is needed to perform your duties successfully. Failure to use a glass joint adapter that meets the demands of your facility could result in critical mistakes during the research process. That’s why At-Mar Glass provides glass adapters built to provide excellent support for all your projects. For over 50 years, At-Mar Glass has provided unparalleled glassware for laboratories and research facilities across the globe. From rotary evaporator traps to straight gas inlets, our team offers only the best lab equipment available to assist your staff in performing their critical work.

We manufacture a wide range of glassware, including:


At-Mar Glass can also build customizable pieces to suit your facility’s specific needs. Safety coatings are available upon request. Our glass safety coatings provide superior protection against injury and are chemically resistant to reduce the chances of sample contamination.

Bent Adapters

As you are probably aware, glass adapters come in a variety of formats to meet different requirements. Our company provides an assortment of pieces, including bent adapters that can be utilized for whatever processes your work requires. We manufacture a multitude of adapter formats that include lyophilizers, purging units, filtered, and injection pieces.

Threaded Adapters

Our threaded adapters are adaptable to whatever applications you are currently pursuing. With an inner joint at the base of each unit, the top is threaded to receive a nylon bushing and makes an o-ring compression seal with bleed tubes, thermometers, and other lab equipment. Our threaded glass adapters are built to meet your lab’s requirements, and customizable options can be made to accommodate your department.

At-Mar Glass: Superior Glass Adapters To Meet Your Needs in the Lab

When your staff requires only the best glass adapters for experimentation and research purposes, choose At-Mar Glass for premium glassware made to meet the demanding needs of research departments and laboratories. Contact us today to learn more about our glassware or to place an order! We currently offer free shipping on all orders over $500.00.